Chris Howley photographer  Since back in 2006 I’ve had a keen interest in photography.​

I started taking photos in bars and nightclubs for the world’s biggest nightlife   website and ever since then my love for the industry has grown to hights i’m still discovering myself.

Between 2006 – 2013 my nightlife photos have been viewed more than 50 Million times on one website alone  (​Tilllate.com).​

I’ve been lucky enough to have my work published online, in print, on billboards, flyers, posters and other forms of promotional material and I hope to have my work published in many more in the future.
My photography experience ranges from nightlife (Clubs, bars, festivals etc.) to fashion, Corporate and weddings.

As well as Events I going into fashion and glamour photography , I have  covered a few photo shoots but I have plans to cover a lot more in the near future so get in touch if you’re interested in working together.

​I’ve built this website to showcase my work and to get feedback from fellow photography enthusiasts, models and anyone who pops by.

It is also to gain further work, so please SHARE my website, LIKE my fan page, FOLLOW me on twitter and get in touch if you’d like to work with me.

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