Tips for models on a photo shoot.

A professional photographer wants your images to be the best they can be. After all, her/his reputation and livelihood is tied to the shoot. Since this is a team effort there are a few things that you, as a model, can do to help make the shoot a success.

1.  Be on time. Always. This speaks volumes about your dependability. If an emergency arises be sure to call ahead before the scheduled shooting time.  

2.  Striking different poses with the same facial expression and body position does little to enhance your portfolio. Spend some time in front of a mirror learning and developing a variety of facial expressions and poses. You may want to consider studying the expressions and body language of the top models in your field for examples and ideas. If you are just starting out your photographer will be able to share ideas with you.

3.  Make sure you get a good nights sleep prior to the shoot. Try to schedule shoots as late in the day as possible to avoid going to photography session with puffy eyes. Bags under the eyes may be reduced with certain types of firming make up. Consult a make up artist for recommendations. 

4.  Your normal diet should include the daily recommended consumption of water. This alone will add greatly to the look and healthiness of your skin. 

5.  We all can appreciate those models who prefer to wear as little make up as possible. However, a number of photographers prefer to have a make up artist and hair stylist on the set, although this is not always possible due to the pricing package the model has chosen. If you are scheduled for your first photo shoot you may want to consider the following especially If a make up artist is not going to be present:

     a. If you leave all your other make up at home never go to a photo shoot without a  facial or translucent powder. The freshly scrubbed face will undoubtedly present undesirable highlights on the nose and forehead. If you are intent on the natural look you can find a translucent powder that will tone down the highlights (consult your  makeup artist for recommendations). There is only so much your photographer can do with high key lighting and you certainly do not want your images to project a shinny or oily looking skin.

     b.  A matte look can make a big difference in the quality of your headshots. Use a solid foundation evenly blended well into the neck area to help avoid changes in skin colors.

     c.  You may also want to consider an lighter shade eye shadow to avoid the raccoon look. A lighter shade gives a flattering appearance of bringing the eyes forward rather than the unflattering deep set appearance from a darker shade.

     d.  Be sure to carry your hair brush, hair spray, and/or gel to the shoot.  Keep hair and jewelry accessories small. Hair styles can make a dramatic difference in a model’s look. A large number of upscale hair stylists now have the computer software where they are able to use your picture and show you on screen the styles that best compliment your features. Most makeup counters at larger department stores schedule free makeup lessons. The majority of makeup artists and hair stylist are available for studio sessions with advance notice at their going rate.

     e.  If possible try to limit the wearing of sunglasses at least a week prior to photo shoot in order to reduce the “squint”. If you wear contacts be sure to carry your case and solution in the event that you need to take them out. 


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