My First Studio Shoot


At the end of 2012 in the pursuit of evolving in my photography I decided to treat my self and book a model and a studio to shoot her in.

I found a model day advertised with a particular model in a home studio which was ideal for me so I booked myself in.

I was really excited because until then I had never worked in a studio environment before and I was looking forward to learning from the experience.

The day came and so I headed down to Lincolnshire to the home studio location, the area was nice and the weather was amazing, I felt great and nervous at the same time.
When I go to the house I was greeted by the model Jo-Louise who I was shooting.

We went straight to the room where the photographer who co runs the studio, showed me the set up and gave me a bit of
advice on shooting.

Before I went I did expect more light to be there and for me to adjust the lighting when necessary but there was just one big light pointing down with a Lastolite TriFlector Mk II  to bounce the light off which is great for the close up portrait shots and did work for most of my photos but as there were no other lights available to me I was unable to light the background and so there were unwanted shadows to add to my editing however I got plenty of great photos from it.

ImageThe Model Jo was great, I chose to shoot with her because she was constantly creating great shots with various photographer
and I wanted a model who knew what she was doing to make my first studio shoot a little easier for me.
She was chatty, nice and able to get that great shot without direction, this was a great thing to bring to the shoot as I
had no clue on direction and I took away a lot for future shoots.


In the six years of doing event photos I have a lot of experience on editing light and cropping and apart from a few tests my photoshop experience was low but I wanted to learn by doing so I edited the best from the shoot so that I could post them for the world to see.

Jo Didnt need much editing really but she told me that a good thing about my work was that I edit so I wanted them to be good.

As you can see in the edited photo the difference is only slight but as this was the first studio shoot I have edited I didnt want to over do it.


The first photo I released was a fun collage of the set with Mickey Mouse ears

The photos I posted on my facebook were good but recently when I found the time I re looked over them and edited a little
more and there ones I love.

I haven’t had any feedback from Jo herself so not sure how she feels about the shots yet but I love them.

This was a shoot just for my portfolio but I think they are magazine quality so I think this day was money well spent and
so I highly recommend model days to everyone and Reccomend Jo too.

To see more from the shoot have a look on my Facebook page HERE or my website HERE.

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